Education Week Rebrand, Website, & Campaign
University Relations manager Brett Sampson reimagined the BYUI Education Week experience. Building from a modest event attended by retired couples and stay-at-home moms, the new Education Week would become an event for a much wider demographic. The ultimate goal: encourage the entire family to attend. 
My team and I helped create a new visual brand along with a corresponding suite of media to help bring this goal to fruition.
Brand Style Guide
Sponsored by BYU-Idaho, Education Week needed to retain many of the official brand elements of the University. However, the accent color yellow was used prominently to set it apart. Certain typographic, and photographic conventions were developed to further distinguish the event. 

A six page, saddle stitched brand guide was designed to help assure future consistency.

A New Website
Through client interviews and surveys, a web organization and hierarchy were reached. Pre-event, the bar of blue links along the top direct patrons to key information. Post-event, participants care most about the photo galleries and a memories video. These perks improve the experience on the front end and reinforce positive memories on the tail end.
Video Network Assets
Thousands of participants, unfamiliar with the campus, come to campus for a few days. Apart from enlisting volunteers to help, the network of televisions around campus were "hijacked" to display maps, schedules, provide reminders, and even announce a lost child. 

The Campus Video Network was used to display, alerts, reminders, schedules, maps, and advertisements throughout the event, as needed.

Print Collateral
Posters, flyers, brochures, catalogs, and even billboards were created to help spread the word. 

Community Print Collateral, Mailer, Billboard, Youth Poster, Building Sign Graphic

A narrative data visualization was developed to advertise and explain Education Week in more detail. It was released after the inaugural year in hopes that post-event momentum would translate into social media shares.