Tony Carpenter’s MFA thesis deals with archetypal storytelling in designed spaces. He asserts that the combination of these two powerful elements can be used to ease mental and emotional suffering and promote wellbeing. A collaborative poem was proposed as an experiment to test his hypothesis. Eleven participants completed a survey consisting of several questions, each dealing with elements of the archetypal “Hero’s Journey:”
     The Monster: Name the most difficult thing you have had to confront.
     The Refuge: Where is a safe place you go for comfort?
     The Guide: Who has been your guide or oracle through difficult times?
     The Talisman: Name an object that you wear or carry that seems to bring you good fortune.
The poet, Scott Samuelson, agreed to compose a poem using participants' anonymous responses. A limited number of the designed booklets containing the poem will be given to each participant. Finally, around a fire, the poet will read the poem to those assembled.