Tony is a true creative with excellent design discipline and sensibility. He has a sound grasp of design principles and directs them based on those principles. His passion for good design is contagious, and he has a big heart — which comes through in his work. Working with and learning from Tony was a genuine pleasure!
—Matthew Beynon

Working with Tony has been an invaluable experience for me as a designer. He exceeded his role as a coordinator by being a teacher and mentor. Tony gave me focused critiques, taught me new techniques, and created work that inspired me to unleash creativity without sacrificing concepts. He is a talented designer and an inspired leader.
—Claire (Dyer) Brown

Working under such a talented and motivating art director was an honor. It was a bit of a unique experience because he was not only a designer but an incredibly talented illustrator as well. He inspired me to merge the two crafts and take my work beyond just being functional and making a piece of art. No matter what the project is, you know that it is going to look polished and finished. Not only can he execute amazing work, but he has a very creative mind that takes projects and makes them something special. He never stops learning and shares that knowledge with those who work under him. He leads by example, and that inspires people.
—Brad Woodard

Tony is an artist in every way. I’ve had the opportunity to have him as a manager and teacher, and there’s so much I’ve learned from his example and expertise. He’s humble, patient, and professional in his work and with the people he works with.
—Joshua Balleza

This was the absolute best class I ever took while studying on campus at BYU-Idaho. He was attentive to his students and offered many different critiques and office hour opportunities to help us succeed in his class and further develop our skills in the Adobe programs and seeing things with a designer’s eye. He often took the time to hold two-three live critique sessions per week where he had all the students actively engaged in seeing what makes the design work and what doesn’t, how it can be improved and showing us how to navigate through the Adobe programs to make the design process easier and faster. I am still very good friends with several students from that class because he did a great job helping us learn from each other and give each other great feedback. He was always friendly and approachable through email, online office hours, and online class discussions. I felt he really cared about my success in his class, as I’m sure the other students felt the same way. Tony is a great professor and has already greatly impacted my success at my current job as a full-time graphic designer for Hobby Lobby Corporate offices.
—Jalene Stradling

Tony was an excellent professor who pushed us to make better work while inspiring us to come up with new and innovative concepts by incorporating play into the design process.
—Adrian Walsh

I worked with Tony at Creative Services for BYU-Idaho. He is an outstanding leader and mentor who lead me to create thoughtful concepts and hone my craft as a designer. He is approachable, intelligent, and highly skilled as both a designer and an artist.
—Nate Mecham

Tony was one of the best directors that I was lucky enough to work with. He taught me far more than my design classes could teach me while I was a student there. Not only is Tony a very talented artist and always has an attention to detail, but he also has a special sense of guiding and teaching, but that also led me to a better designer and an artist and I am forever grateful for it.
—Mai (Kosaka) Swapp

Tony Carpenter is a great designer and instructor. I worked under him as a graphic designer, him being my art director and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my career. I learned more working for him than in any graphic design class I have ever taken.
—Gerardo A. Sumano

Tony was my first art director and I am so lucky to have worked with him! He was always patient and helpful but knew when to correct me. I always felt comfortable asking for direction or help on a project and his feedback was invaluable. Tony was always seeking to improve his design and time-management skills and helped his team to do the same. He’s a wonderful mentor and teacher.
—Holly Twitchell

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor, but I did when I worked for Tony. I worked for Tony as a student designer for University Communications at BYU-Idaho for almost two years. During that time Tony exemplified concern over my growth as a designer and encouraged me to be creative and explore my different talents in the variety of projects our team was given. Tony also had the ability to help us learn where our talents were, and then taught us how to build them up. What I enjoyed most about working for Tony was his willingness to put his trust in me on big projects and let me learn by experience rather than just telling me about it. He encouraged our team to learn from one another and facilitated an environment where we were open to sharing our ideas and knowledge with each other.
—Angie Steggell

My first internship experience as a graphic design student at Brigham Young University-Idaho was offered by Tony Carpenter. He was my art director while I interned for the school over the course of a semester, then a year and a half there afterward. Tony introduced me to designers and illustrators that I was not aware of before. This, in turn, opened my eyes to new avenues of creativity and expression that became an important component of my creative growth. While working with Tony, he trusted me to work on several large projects for the school that helped me build my portfolio. During these projects, I was able to further master the tools and processes of my profession which down the road allowed me to qualify for the next step in my creative career. Tony’s instruction during this time sharpened my critical eye for evaluating work and more importantly understanding the steps I needed to improve. I learned so much about how to be a professional creative in a working environment from Tony’s example to the team of hard work, researching effectively, and resourcefulness to accomplish any task that was set before our group. If offered the position of an instructor at BYUI, it will be an important experience of growth and development for the students in his classes.
—Rachel Fowler​​​​​​​

Tony is a really talented art director. He comes up with creative solutions really fast. He definitely has an eye for design. He is a really hard worker, I see him working early in the morning and quietly working in his office all day. I also really appreciate how much he encouraged me to get off the computer and work with my hands when he was my supervisor.
—Erick Su

Being mentored by Tony as an undergrad student was the single most important part of launching my career. He was extremely generous in helping transform my student graphic design skills into entry-level career skills, as well as giving me numerous opportunities to lead conversations in client meetings and propose my own ideas. Working for Tony is where I learned that great employee brings solutions to their supervisor instead of problems. Since my graduation, Tony has made extra effort to keep in touch with me over the years. He has introduced me to many of history’s artists and designers, and his own level of creativity inspires me to keep trying new ideas. I’m so happy about his success so far and would love to see him contribute to the lives of even more students.
—Mariah Mecham

Tony is a difference maker, he will benefit any environment he is in for good. He is extremely dedicated to developing his employees/students and brings out their best; not by imposing direction, but by guiding them. As a mentor, he has greatly shaped my design philosophy and his advice and example influenced my own life.
—Emilio Zamora

There is always something to learn from Tony Carpenter. I don’t mean that he’s a big walking encyclopedia, full of facts and theories and ideas. Tony’s teaching is much more valuable because he empowers the learner instead of just informing them. I worked for Tony for two years as a junior and senior designer. Every day that I went to work, I felt that I was growing as a designer and gaining confidence in my abilities. I attribute this entirely to Tony’s leadership. He gave me space to work on my own ideas, at the same time carefully mentoring me and elevating my thinking. He didn’t just tell me what to do, although that would have been easier for him. He was never too busy to sit down one-on-one with me because he genuinely cared about my growth. I think that this incredible teaching power comes from his humility as a designer. In a field where ego often plays an outsized role, Tony acts as a sounding board, helping his apprentices to flesh out their ideas while reminding them of the fundamental principles of effective design.
—Laurel Brunson

My experience working for Tony was invaluable. He has an amazing ability to see the potential in people and pull it out of them in a positive way. He trusted me with two very large and important projects related to the university, and he never put out any of my ideas. Working for Tony was the best part of my college career. He is a great art director and an even better friend.
—Mike Commons

I worked as a designer for Tony for two and a half years at BYU-Idaho. The experience I gained under him as an art director has become invaluable to me. I was his employee, yet he still took the time to teach and mentor me. I can easily say that I learned more from Tony Carpenter than I did from many of my professors. It is that position that I held at University Relations under the direction of Tony that gave me the skills and experience I needed to be qualified for design positions after leaving Rexburg. He was a successful art director because of his skills in teaching, I am sure these same skills will make him an even more successful professor.
—Emily Barker

While I worked as a junior designer, Tony was a great mentor to me. He is a talented artist who cares deeply about creating beautiful things. Tony cares equally about people, which is one of my favorite things about him. He made it so enjoyable to learn and come to work each day. While I aspire to become a designer like him, one who practices technical skills with a passion for creative exploration, I also hope to become an approachable, humble, and kind teacher and friend as he has been to me.
—Hilary Frisby

It has been one of the best experiences and privileges of my career to work with Tony Carpenter at BYU-Idaho Graphic Services about 8 years ago. I didn’t realize how much I learned from my short 8 months at Graphic Services until I started working at my first job and no longer had him in my back pocket who had all the time in the world for me. Looking back I’m sure it could have been frustrating for Tony as I struggled through refining my design skills while watching over his shoulder at his desk or staying late to meet a deadline, and in these moments he was always positive, helpful, and encouraging. He guided me in a way that gave me confidence and the design tools I needed to be successful in my current career. I still use some of the trusted techniques today that I learned from Tony Carpenter. He has a love and passion for the creative process that is contagious along with a strong commitment to his family and faith in the Savior. Tony is one of the first people I think of when considering those who had a lasting impact on my career. I know if he was selected to teach Graphic Design classes at BYU-Idaho he would be a key figure in teaching other students the creative process, integrity, strong work ethic, how to deal with clients, important software design techniques, and more. I can’t recommend Tony enough for this position, he would be the best.
—Michelle Kimball

It was a great opportunity to take Art 235 (Graphic Design) with Brother Carpenter. Brother Carpenter is dedicated to his students and his creativity is a good inspiration for students. I remember that I was having a hard time designing logos, and the dedication and the support of Brother Carpenter helped me to understand how to design good aesthetics and meaningful logos. I would recommend it to any students who want to have a good start in their graphic design career.
—Fiorald Ismaili

Tony is an exemplary leader. He motivates with confidence and experience. Tony’s work shows sharp attention to detail and a deep understanding of design and purpose. He understands the balance between aesthetics and clear communication in design. His leadership and encouragement helped me push my work to the next level. I consider him a friend and trust his opinion. Tony can bring the x-factor to whatever challenge he faces.
—James Teerlink

I took an online design class from Tony several years ago while I was studying to earn a bachelor’s in design. I’ll admit that I’ve always been one of those obnoxious students who is quite disenchanted with formal education, but I totally came alive in Tony’s class as he did an amazing job instructing, motivating, and guiding me into being a better designer. In Tony’s class, I became super engaged and poured everything I had into the projects. It was obvious that he truly cared about my work and about my success as a designer. He offered genuine critiques and pushed me beyond my comfort zone. Being an online instructor has its challenges, but Tony did an incredible job and will always be one of my favorite design mentors. Now, years after that class, Tony and I keep in touch and he still offers valuable career guidance and opportunities. It’s clear that educating the next generation of creatives isn’t just a job, but a passion and a responsibility that he takes very seriously. I’d highly recommend him to any institution that values top-notch design education!
—Kyson Dana

Brother Carpenter was an excellent online instructor. I am usually skeptical of taking my design classes online because I feel like I miss out on important one-on-one feedback and critique and it feels hard to connect to my teachers when I don’t meet them face to face. Brother Carpenter did a great job at providing meaningful and specific critiques that helped me to improve my design and become better by the end of the class. I felt like I could reach out to him for help and he provided it willingly and quickly.
—Merik Nielson

Great graphic design mentors come far and few between. It’s a gift to balance encouragement and constructive criticism. Tony has that gift. In his online ART 235 class even though I didn’t see him in person, he gave me more one on one helpful critiques of my work than in some of my classes on campus! He manages to provide a safe atmosphere for students to learn and ask questions. I really feel like my talent as a designer has improved since taking his class.
—Bethany Hall

Although the class I took from Tony Carpenter was online, he was proactive in making sure I was on track and would reach out to make sure I didn’t have questions or fall behind. In times I did fall behind, he was fair but forgiving. He allowed and encouraged creativity and thinking outside the box. Because of this, I was able to grow as an individual and as an artist.
—Hayley Ward

Encouraging, motivating, and prompt. When I felt like I had no more creative juice left in my system, Brother Carpenter knew how to encourage and motivate me to dig a little deeper, push harder, and think outside the box. He was my cheerleader. He was quick to give feedback that allowed the creative process to flourish. So grateful to have been taught by him.
—Jaclyn Stephens

Brother Tony Carpenter was my professor for Art 235 Graphic Design in the Fall 2015 semester. He challenged and encouraged us as students to excel rather than settle for mediocrity. He consistently provided us with quality feedback and we benefited from his skills and knowledge. He demonstrated that he was truly invested in helping his students. I highly recommend him as a teacher.
—Launa Romrell

Brother Carpenter is an excellent teacher who provides honest critiques, pushes you to improve, encourages you when it’s tough, and praises you for exceptional work. He is always happy to answer my questions and even created a tutorial for me when I asked how to draw a logo when I’m not an artist. I highly value the skills and perspective Brother Carpenter helped me develop in ART 235, and I consider him one of the best instructors I have had.
—Jocelyn Tucker

Tony is one of the best instructors I have had while studying design. He seemed really tuned in to what my projects needed, and what potential I could tap into in order to be successful, and learn the design concepts taught in the class. He coaches, mentors, and teaches like an art director in a professional setting which was a great experience. I highly recommend him!
—Boyd Lake

Tony Carpenter was a very supportive and interactive teacher. He always gave honest and helpful feedback during our projects. I especially appreciated his advice on how to build my business and continue growing in my craft after I graduated.
—Amy Standage

I really liked having Brother Carpenter as an instructor. I felt like his critiques were specific enough to where I had a good idea of how to revise. He was straightforward and honest but also encouraging. He showed us his take on our designs…which triggered even more ideas for us (the students). It was a rigorous course but fun and positive. Good environment for learning and pushing creativity.
—Alexis Manning

Tony Carpenter was my instructor for ART 235 at BYUI. I had a wonderful experience in his class. His style of instruction and feedback both encouraged and pushed me on my assignments, which helped me to become a better designer. Because I had such a positive experience in his class, I chose him as my mentor for my final capstone project where his same passion for teaching and design once again helped me gain confidence and skill as a designer.
—Sarah Garner

Brother Carpenter was an instructor who gave us the best, most helpful comments. I was a bit afraid to take an online class because it’s really hard to get in touch with the professor and receive instant feedback, but he was really good at making comments and replying to my emails as quickly as possible. I always liked his video links that answered my questions — it’s always better to watch how to do it than read how to do it.
—Soyoung Park

Brother Carpenter (or Professor Carpenter) strikes a perfect balance between professor and professional. In our class, I particularly appreciated how he would draw on his “real-world” experiences to provide insight into the design process. I found his critiques useful and constructive. I learned a lot in his class.
—Gemma Nielsen

I really appreciated how Brother Carpenter was quick to respond to our questions. He was a very interactive teacher, which was very helpful for being in an online class. He gave great feedback and gave me a lot of helpful tips that were beneficial for my learning and growth as a graphic designer. I liked how he was understanding and cooperative when it came to technical difficulties. Brother Carpenter did a great job at connecting with each of us individually, making me feel valued as a student.
—Brooke Holmes

Tony Carpenter was a knowledgeable instructor of the subject. He had high expectations from the students. He always provided many good examples of the work expected. He always gave helpful and well-detailed feedback.
—Debbie Brown

I had the pleasure of working with Tony for nearly two years as a junior designer at University Relations. In that time I have learned so much about professionalism, compassion, and design. When I first met Tony I was just starting out with design, I knew hardly anything. Despite this, Tony believed in me and took a chance on me. He took someone who knew nothing and essentially taught them everything in a short amount of time. Through his patience and perseverance, he helped me to understand and implement key design principles and strategies early on in my career. He was able to do this not only from his knowledge of design but also through his care and compassion for the individual. I would have to say that’s one of the things that sets Tony apart the most as a mentor. Working with him has been an invaluable experience that I will forever be grateful for.
—Courtney Hendrickson (Simonsen)

Bro. Carpenter’s class is one of the best classes that I have taken. I found his class a turning point for me that helped me to see the potential of design in a completely different way. He is extremely knowledgeable both in the craft and history of design. He challenges his students. If you truly want to grow in design, this is an excellent class.

Bro. Carpenter has got to be the best online teacher I have ever had the pleasure of taking a class from. There is a good amount of work, as in any design class, but Bro. Carpenter was super helpful. He doesn’t want to give you the answer but still gives help. He has great office hours that can be a great asset to you. Great professor!

Brother Carpenter has high but realistic expectations. He showed a strong desire to see his students succeed. If you attend office hours, he will provide excellent feedback and information that is pertinent to the design field. He provides more knowledge than what the course offers. I would jump at the opportunity to take another class with him.

Brother Carpenter is the first real glimpse I had into the design world. He gives you helpful and honest feedback and pushes you to be better. Work hard and don’t turn in subpar work — he’ll help you become a better designer.