I conceived an idea for a web and mobile app that bridges the gap between local fitness mentors and clients seeking a unique fitness journey.
WordPress Bootstrap. HTML/CSS. UX/UI. Branding. User Research. Process Book ➞
Research Phase:
➝ I kicked things off by digging deep into research, gathering valuable insights to lay a solid foundation.
Audience Development:
➝ With the data in hand, I crafted a detailed understanding of our target audience and carved out personas tailored to their needs.
➝ Taking cues from these personas, I sculpted a brand identity that resonated with our audience, ensuring a strong connection.
User Experience Prototyping:
➝ To ensure a smooth and intuitive user experience, I mapped out sitemaps and workflows, guiding users seamlessly through the app's functionalities.
Wireframing and Testing:
➝ Every aspect was designed, wireframed, and tested, with a focus on user-centric design principles.
Responsive Website Development:
➝ Finally, I brought this vision to life through coding, using the Bootstrap framework to guarantee a responsive and adaptable website, accessible across various devices.
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