Ensure that every gathering is imbued with the influence of the Holy Ghost. Pray, read scriptures, and share experiences often. When the Spirit is near, everyone involved learns more and can accomplish more, with the assistance of the Lord (Alma 26:12).
Show empathy and love to others. Be patient, generous, and fair. Lift them from where they stand. Listen first, understand second, encourage third, critique last (with more love).
Set clear expectations that are both lofty and achievable. The better I understand a concept, the better I teach it. “Be prepared and ye shall not fear” (D&C 38:30). Passion for the course material will rub-off on others.
Develop a culture that encourages open discussion, friendly debate, and frequent collaboration. Efforts should be made to help everyone in the class know everyone else by name. When this happens, the Learning Model principle to "teach one other" can happen quite naturally.
Failure & Growth
Failure is an intrinsic part in the creative process. With each failure we draw closer to success and learn much in the process. A design class be a safe place to strive and fail.

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